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Starrenhoflaan 31
2950 Kapellen

+32 3 325 7550



We produce roller conveyors for any transportation purpose. We produce them heavy duty in steel profile frames with cross bars reinforcement. They surface treatment is standard painted mild steel or galvanized steel at choice. Stainless steel models possible on request. Different roller pitches available from 167mm till 330mm.  Any length available from 500mm up to 4500mm. The maximum pallet load can go up to 2000kg. Chain drive from roller to roller and direct drive aside of conveyor frame available. Also specific specialized models like turntable conveyors, chain conveyors, on transfer cars, split conveyors for removal of pallets by hand pallet trucks are part of our standard range. Any other combination on request is possible. Also accessories that help automating the flow can be included like e.g. a bag flattener, ...