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Standard Balances

BPmatic supplies balances for laboratories, industrial applications and the food and beverages industry for both liquids and solid goods. We offer technical support and after sales service for maintenance and repair of balances and weighing solutions. BPmatic is BELAC certified, so we can verify and calibrate your balances and help you with the necessary certification.

We are proud of our long term partnership with Kern & Sohn from Germany.  

Our assortment encompasses: 

Small balance.

Small scales

Compact precision balances with excellent price/quality ratio.  We can supply full waterproof and washable for the food industry. We also produce explosion safe balances according to the ATEX norm for the chemical industry.

Counting balance

Counting scales

Specially developed for the accurate weighing and counting of small parts and components. E.g. for bolts and nuts, electronic components, furniture fittings, moulds, and small iron parts. The range encompasses small entry balances with rechargeable batteries for mobile applications as well as sophisticated counting balances with printers, barcode scanners and satellite platforms.

Bench scales

 Low cost robust entry models

In a range from 30kg up to 300kg. Suitable for light-industrial environments like warehouses and dry production halls. Multi-functional and ease of use. Can be calibrated for commercial use.

Waterproof balances for humid industrial environments 

Where regular cleaning is a necessity. Clear displays for dimmed light circumstances. Robust, though precise. Ranges from 3kg up to 300kg. Accessories like bag supports or for mobility purposes available.

Explosion-secured balances

In all weighing ranges. Completely made from stainless steel, waterproof and intrinsically safe. Can be supplied with  batteries or on mains supply.

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Floor scales

Heavy industrial floor scales, manufactured in our factory, can be tailor-made in almost any size or finish. Powdercoated or waterproof stainless steel are possible in a range between 300kg till 10000kg and even more. Explosion proof versions according to the ATEX standard are possible. As well build-in as free standing versions with dedicated displays at your convenience. We can also supply with ramps to drive on and off.


Drive through scales

Very low drive-through scales for the food industry as well as for the chemistry, where building in a scale in a pit is not appropriate. The low construction makes it easy to roll on and off with pallet trucks and carts. 

Drive through scale
U-pallet scale

U-pallet scales

Are easily moveable due to their lightweight but solid design. Available in coated steel or stainless steel, with batteries or mains supply. Available in all weighing ranges. The scales can be calibrated for commercial use.

Pallet truck scales

Mobile pallet truck scales powered by batteries. Versatile use. Coated steel and stainless steel versions available. Can be calibrated for commercial use. 

Pallet truck scale
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Check scales

Scales for dynamic weight control or so-called 'check scales' are custom made in our factory. We offer different models, suitable for small bags, crates, boxes, drums, ... Capacities from 1 kg up to 60kg. We can supply the scales with a EC calibration authorization. Optional a link can be supplied to pair with a filling machine.

Hanging scales

For hanging applications. Mechanical as well as digital models are available. We can supply hanging scales in a range from 1kg up to 10.000 kg. 

Hanging scale